Jump in and Lift

I believe that life is special, filled to the brim with magic and mystery.

How many people can relate to the feeling of being aware of this mystery and still getting distracted by the material and mundane.
Get caught up in the same old same, still playing a game we all know is lame.
You were never meant to be tame.

Madness is a gift.
Activate and Lift.
Circles Circles Circles.
Oh how I love it.
Waves Waves Waves.
Got to go within to get above it

Transcend the 3D Tragedy taught by society.
Synchronicity reveals trajectory.
Love is the key to the mystery
In Unity we Sing hilarity
We are the singularity,
There’s no other way to be.
You Me We Three
multiplied by infinity
Sacred Geometry
This dichotomy
is temporary
Moment to moment
But the in between
Is what it really means.
It’s all connected.
The seen and unseen.

I believe that life is special, filled to the brim with magic and mystery.
To soar you gotta Jump in and lift. It’s all a gift.  Give thanks every day and see the world in a different way.



The Crow Knows


I’m feeling compelled to write a post about crows…as something rather strange just happened.

I’ve noticed crow coming up in my experience a lot lately.   Just earlier today I was talking with a friend about this crow painting I recently finished, pictured on the left.   Soon after that, I was finishing up the poem below and when I got to the line “synchronicities” a crow cawed loudly five or six times right outside my window,  startling me from my writing reverie.

Point made universe.  I’m paying attention.    I decided to take a closer look at what crow represents.

Crow is an often misaligned animal.  Associated with darkness and fear by many people, I too have had mixed feelings of fascination and apprehension with this ebony avian in the past.  While crow can be intimidating,  I do believe this bird is beautiful and a great helper and teacher.  Crow is able to cross both sides of the veil, he can teach us how to work with our darkness instead of against it.  Crow is associated with many things, life and death, change, and the void; just to name a few.  Here’s a great article on the spiritual side of crow.

That said, I’d like to make a formal apology to crow nation right now; in a previous post, I shared a song I wrote a while back, where I compared big business and banks to crows… it’s insulting to the bird to compare them with big business and the mess that we have made for ourselves.  I don’t believe the crow stands for that kind of…”darkness” I’m sorry crow.  😦

Now that I’ve gotten to know you better I see things more clearly.  The void where you reside holds all color and all possibility.   When you look closely at a crow feather you can see there are lots of blues and greens and hues to be seen.  Change is not to be feared.

Below is the poem I mentioned above, everything written here is true and these events actually happened to me, blows my mind that I’m writing about all these life and death situations, and I’m writing about faith, and suddenly all this business with the crow comes up.

Universe, you are weird and wonderful, I love you and I am full of gratitude.  We’re gonna call this one, “The Crow Knows”

I’m lucky to be alive and it’s a miracle I’ve survived.

Just short of two years old,
Falling down two stories off the ground.
On to the concrete below.
The blow
Fractures on my head.
But I’m not dead.
The CT from what they could see,
showed no signs of brain injury.

I’m lucky to be alive and it’s a miracle I’ve survived.
I’ve found there’s grace in the worst situations…
There are blessings in our tribulations.

Next brush with mortality came to me when I was 4 or 5
A fascination with a mud-wasp hive.
I kept poking, even after mom’s warning
shouldn’t have been surprised to see a sinister swarm of wasps chasing me.

Mom scooped up me under her arm,
and carried me away from harm,
For hours, we listened to eerie sound
of the wasps all around,
crashing into the walls of our sanctuary
Grandpa’s old RV.

We could see wasps still clinging to the shirt my mom had to fling
I didn’t get a single sting.

I’m lucky to be alive and it’s a miracle I’ve survived.
I’ve found there’s grace in the worst situations…
There are blessings in your tribulations.

5th Grade New school. I’m laying face down on the playground.
Bell’s ringing, no one’s around.
I didn’t like that snapping sound I heard when
the bullies pushed me to the ground.
I guess I had it coming I chased them with a stick.
Though I’m pretty sure they were also being dicks.

Bright side of the story, one girl who said sorry, became like family.

I got my brace off just in time for summer,
wouldn’t you know it was really a bummer
when suddenly I fell out of a tree
And again my bones snapped under me.
Sometime’s life’s just bitchy,
but I’m sure it’s strengthened me.

I’m lucky to be alive and it’s a miracle I’ve survived.
I’ve found there’s grace in the worst situations…
There are blessings in your tribulations.

Fast forward to 15 on the bus home my head’s feeling mean.
my brain exploding with pain.
two taps to my spine
I’m losing my mind
in the hospital with meningitis
I don’t know how i got this
Trying to fill out this living will while the Vicodin is making me ill.
terrified inside cuz last week, a class-mate died!
That could have been me.
Why did it happen to him?
They didn’t catch it in time
and the misdiagnoses was a crime.
That probably saved my life.
When my parents helped me through the door,
they knew what to look for.

I’m lucky to be alive and it’s a miracle I’ve survived.
I’ve found there’s grace in the worst situations…
There are blessings in our tribulations.

10 years later give or take,
My medical doctor made a mistake.
Told me not to whine
the cyst on my ovary would be just fine,
He said, wait and see, let it be.

Some time passed and suddenly
I was puking from the pain in the ER lobby.
Emergency Surgery where they found I flipped my ovary and it died inside of me.

I’m lucky to be alive and it’s a miracle I’ve survived.
I’ve found there’s grace in the worst situations…
There are blessings in our tribulations.

Why god do you see it fit to test me?
I believe
I believe
That there must be some light in spite of all this darkness
I believe
I believe
That my pain hasn’t been worthless.

I accept
I accept
the role I played in the story of my life.
the times when I created my strife.

I love
I love
I won’t blame them
I won’t be a victim.

I listen
I listen
To the wisdom you provide,
The subtle signs and synchronicities,
The crow of the caw who seriously just crowed at me as I finished writing the word “synchronicities”.

Mind Blown.
Universe You Own.

I won’t hide in my fear,
Even when my path is dark and unclear.
I won’t get bitter,
I’ll get better.
I’ll count my blessings,
And be grateful for the lessons.


Connective Perspective

The poem below was written in stages, and inspired by many things, experiences both good and bad.  The darker aspects of this writing were actually about a story my grandmother told me regarding what happened after my Aunt Cathy passed away.

Cathy’s death happened suddenly and under strange circumstances.  I’ve written about it here, in an effort to get it out and try and make some sense of it.  What  was already overwhelming and horrible became even more tragic after my grandma told me her story, because it really illustrated to me how greed can corrupt and make people lose sight of humanity and basic human decency.

My aunt was an organ doner when she died, and before they cremated her my grandma received a call from the company who takes care of organ harvesting.  At some point during the conversation,  she learned that they were a FOR PROFIT company and what was supposed to be a final good deed turned into another way for greedy corporate interests to line their pockets.

My Grandmother was pretty firm from the get-go that she would only allow them to harvest the major organs, what could be used to help people the most, what Cathy would have wanted.  The company refused to listen to her request of “just those things” and insisted on going over every last bone, sinew, muscle, all of it down the list, even after Grandma clearly stated what she would allow.  So she went through the list and after she said “No” to the majority of the list, they told her they suddenly lost the file and made her do it all over again.

Can you imagine, mourning the loss of a loved one and then having a company call you up and insist on going over every last inch of that person’s body, who you will NEVER see again?    AFTER you had already, specifically stated that you are only comfortable with these certain things.  THEN, if that wasn’t insulting enough, emotionally exhausting enough, they tell you they lost the file and make go over the list one more time.  Then during this morbid conversation, you learn that someone is profiting on the body of your loved one.

I was disgusted when I heard about this and it is what inspired the part about corporate carrion crows, and desecrated slaves.   Now that I’ve thought about it some more, I think that is an insult to crows. Crows don’t have pockets.

When I wrote that part I was very angry and to be honest writing about this now has me feeling a bit angry again…

I don’t know the name of the company, I don’t know if my grandmother does anymore either, but I’d like to at least let people know what could happen.  I’m not against organ donation.  I’m not against people getting help that need it if the help is offered, or the body going to help advance science and medicine, but I do have a big problem with the lack of humanity that was displayed that day and the sheer lack of empathy by that employee.  I’m a bit disgusted to find out that something we all think of as an altruistic final act just serves to line the pockets of some messed up people.

I think things like this and the whole other multitude of problems we have really speak to the divide that exists in our world, how the planet and it’s people have been reduced to numbers on a graph on a daily basis in the name of profit.

Anyway enough ranting, here’s the poem.

Yes I am crazy

It comes with its challenges
My baggage.
The pain and the programming
The physical, spiritual, psychic scars
You get by,
Trying to be well adjusted,
To a profoundly sick society,
That might be from mars.

J krishnamurti could see the separation of me from we.

A fundamentally flawed perspective,
Is one that’s not connective.
Cuz whether or not you’re aware
That connections still there
And you put out comes back around.

The difference between a true master and slave is the difference between drowning and being the wave.

Scarcity is scary for someone who has everything that’s made out of nothing.

Look at how these

Messing with our destiny.
Trying to turn us into zombies.
Of a so called modern day and age…

And they turn profits
on desecrated slaves.
As desecrated prophets
Turn in desecrated graves

But we can still lift the fallin’

But who are they?
We could point fingers at everyone,
But what does that get done?

Let’s take responsibility
Let go of the apathy
Let go of the illusion
Of Me vs we

We can still lift the fallin’

Best believe that ultimately
We can all find strength and beauty
in our unity.
Make it a priority
creativity and opportunity
In our insanity.
Forever Free

The Path of the Fool

In the tarot, the fool is portrayed as a young man, nonchalantly walking off the edge of a cliff.  He’s stepping off blissfully ignorant of the horrible peril that awaits him. To most people this image would indeed seem foolish and full of folly, the fool would at best serve as an example of what not to do!

But what if there was something more behind the smile on the fools seemingly ignorant face, what if the fool actually holds sacred knowledge and wisdom?  In my opinion, that smile is both joyful and knowing.

We can keep this archetype in mind when we think of the many worlds theory in quantum mechanics, where all the different possibilities are sort of stacked upon each other, happening simultaneously, it reverses the severity of the impact of knowing that endless possibilities exist at the bottom of the cliff.

In this great video below we can see the many worlds theory demonstrated with Mario world.  The player edited hundreds of attempts together to form a long continuous stream of play and we can see all the different possibilities that spin off as Mario makes his way through the game.

In some of those realities, we might  Mario jump spin off a cliff and from the perspective of the character it’s over. Boom,

Boom, splat and  Yoshi is looking at mario like he’s an idiot.  What a fool!   Sometimes Yoshi will even run away and ironically end up running off a cliff himself.   Makes you wonder about the subtle differences between running and jumping but that’s another article!

So from the perspective of that particular “character in time”, the game is over.  However, from the perspective of the player we just continue from where we left off on the map or we respawn at our last save point and it’s no big deal, just a fun way to pass the time and we still get experience.

If we’re looking at this journey from another “angel” 😉  we can use sacred geometry to describe the movements and motivation of the fool and the structure of the game itself.   The fool knows something we don’t.  While most of us are wrapped up in duality and fighting the bad and grasping for the good, I think the fool is looking at something else entirely.  He’s looking at the movement between these two opposing forces.

Flower-of-Life-61circlesThis is the flower of life, this geometry is said to illustrate the basic structure of reality and it contains within it’s structure infinite amounts of information.

It is an incredibly interesting pattern, containing the five plutonic solids, it is a fractal, each six-pointed star in the pattern can be replicated to infinity in both directions.   It is also represented as a hologram when you change one iteration the whole will reflect that change.

Each star or iteration in the fractal can be seen as a finite boundary that contains infinite information (possibilities).  How that information moves through the fractal determines the experience.  The shape itself is polarized reflecting both contraction and expansion.

While our direct physical experience or perspective is limited to a single point in this infinite structure, we do have the ability to experience infinity with the structure itself (ourselves).

While we can’t experience it in a logical way, we have the knowledge that this pattern can exist past our own individual boundaries.   Duality is just a dance between expansion and contraction, and we can experience infinity by going inward.  This is a blessing when we are facing hard times and having difficulty seeing what direction we need to take or if we are trying to find comfort.

Our connection to source, god, spirit, infinity whatever you want to call it  is found in that infinity, modern science is closer to explaining what the ancients always knew, the fundamental structure of reality is dependent upon the void.

The Yin Yang, beginning and the end, dark and light, all contrast rolled into one space.   It the place that exists past time where the laws of physics break down and everything is possible.  It is the place of love.

Only our science now calls it the quantum vacuum.  In Eastern mysticism, the void is everything and nothing all at once, showing us that the dualistic reality we experience is relative in nature.

Take away one piece and the whole thing changes.  Modern science shows us the truth in this philosophy when we observe particles springing into and out of existence in a vacuum and when we measure the energy potential of the vacuum to discover that it is infinite!   How can something that is a vacuum have infinite energy…unless the vacuum is created by the lack of contrast and duality.

Read the book The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra for a very well presented argument on how modern science and eastern mysticism mirror each other in a profound and eerie way.  For more information on sacred geometry and the structure of the vacuum check out Nassim Haramein’s brilliant documentary “Black Whole

The fools ignorant/knowing smile might be inspired by the knowledge that all his options are happening all at once, all he has to do is resonate with the right one.

The fool is ultimately an archetype of faith and gratitude,  honoring the bigger picture and making us question our perspective,  assumptions and judgements.

A new way to look at conservation.

When most people think of predator animals like lions or wolves in terms of their environmental impact, they might associate them with functions pertaining to population control and not much else.  We’re starting to see  that the impact  and necessity of the predator is much more profound than we realize.

Science is finding that predators influence the world around them to such and extent that they can even alter the course of rivers and reverse drought conditions.

The effect predators have on their environment is called a “trophic cascade”   According to Wikipedia:

“Trophic cascades occur when predators in a food web suppress the abundance or alter traits (e.g., behavior) of their prey, thereby releasing the next lower trophic level frompredation (or herbivory if the intermediate trophic level is a herbivore). For example, if the abundance of large piscivorous fish is increased in a lake, the abundance of their prey, smaller fish that eat zooplankton, should decrease. The resulting increase in zooplankton should, in turn, cause the biomass of its prey, phytoplankton, to decrease.

This theory has stimulated new research in many areas of ecology. Trophic cascades may also be important for understanding the effects of removing top predators from food webs, as humans have done in many places through hunting and fishing activities.”

Further evidence for the importance of predators can be seen in the Documentary series “Earth A New Wild” where Dr. M. Sanjayan shows us how predators prevent the desertification of landscapes, halt the spread of disease, and more.

Going back to the topic of desertification, Conservationists used to think that the only way to prevent over-grazing (and with it soil erosion) was to cull herds of grazing animals.

They’re finding now that culling animal herds isn’t necessary.  When big herds are kept on the move (by avoiding predators), they don’t have a chance to over-graze and erode soil.  In fact, it’s been found that keeping herds on the move actually has a revitalizing effect on the landscape.

Predators fill this natural role of keeping herds on the move, and it’s a tactic we can utilize to help bring back endangered species and regrow our grasslands simultaneously.  It also gives us another way to approach farming cattle that is better for the environment.

Here’s the description from youtube:
“Produced by National Geographic Studios in association with Passion Planet, the series is hosted by Dr. M. Sanjayan, leading conservation scientist, who takes viewers on a stunning visual journey to explore how humans are inextricably woven into every aspect of the planet’s natural systems.

With 45 shoots to 29 different countries, the series features spectacular natural history footage from the most striking places on Earth, filming encounters between wild animals and the people who live and work with them. With up-close looks at a range of species, from giant pandas to humpback whales and African lions to Arctic reindeer, Sanjayan reveals that co-habitations with animals can work — and be mutually beneficial.”

You can see the whole series on YouTube, here are a couple to get you started.  It is well worth the watch, especially if you are looking for something to inspire you and restore faith that there’s still hope of reversing some of the damage we’ve done.


Promoting People, Positivity and Community.

Permaculture is a design system and philosophy of living more ethically and harmoniously with the Earth.

(And in the process, ourselves).

Community is very important in permaculture; a strong community will be full of diverse individuals working together.  We recognize that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and if we want to have strong communities we need to help support the individuals who compose the larger whole.

We like the idea of empowering people to do what they love.   In our communities, we have some incredibly creative and talented friends who are doing amazing stuff and we would like to introduce you to them and share what they’re up to.



This is simply awesome; turning plastic into oil.

Plastics are derived from oil, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that they can be converted back into oil.  I guess the real question is why hasn’t this been implemented on a broader scale?

I like this, I think we should look into it more, it’s a good step in the right direction toward protecting our environment from dangerous drilling and pollution.  However, I am still hoping to see our society switch more completely to alernatives that don’t involve oil and non-renewable resources.


Own The Moment


For something we consider small and fleeting, the moment is incredibly vital and important; it is in the moment that all things are dreamed and done.  It is in the moment that we find solace and comfort.  The moment holds inside of it great power and potential and when utilized, it can change your life.

Do you have a goal?  The moment can help you realize it.  Are you fighting an addiction?  Understanding the moment will help you overcome it.

Every destination requires steps toward getting there, moments hold the opportunities for us to take those steps and when utilized they help us in bridging the gap from where we are to where we want to be.

Finding our power is as simple as recognizing that every moment has value.  Do you have a thought about something you would like to do?  Don’t just think about it, own the moment and take action.  Alternatively, if we’re talking about overcoming a bad habit or addiction owning the moment will be of great assistance.  Change your focus in that moment to something else.   All of those focused moments add up and what seemed like an impossible task will soon be more attainable and realistic if you stick with it.

The key to owning the moment is action.  Action brings the possibilities out from the ethers and into reality, best not to kill time when it is our most valuable resource.

Psychic Stuff: Fun with Pets.

Ever want to see if your pets can pick up on psychic vibes?   Try this out and tell me what happens. 😉

Find your pet, now focus on their face and start thinking about food.  Be very detailed, don’t just think visually.  Incorporate how the pet-food smells, the sound of the cat-food hitting the dish, the rattling of the bag, imagine your pet eating it.

I did this just a moment ago, I was focusing on my cat Lyra, who looked interested but,  it was my cat Tesla (who’s been with me longer) who came RUNNING up to me like his butt was on fire, and then he jumped up on the counter and reached up with his paw and started tapping my shoulder.  It was a-freaking-dorable!

And very interesting…

It also got me thinking that this might be a good way to practice broadcasting thoughts/feelings/intentions or refining them to one individual.  To elaborate on this idea, my focus was on Lyra, but it was Tesla who reacted, this leads me to wonder if it was more of a broadcast thing that all the animals could pick up on.

Just some food for thought.  😉