Permaculture Certification Opportunity!!!

I want to share something with you today that I think is really awesome!

Yesterday morning I received an email from Regenerative Leadership Institute that has me super excited, they are now offering payment plans on their Permaculture Certification Course!

The Regenerative Leadership Institute (RLA for short) is an awesome resource for learning about permaculture.  You may be asking, “What is permaculture?”  I’ll let them explain it:

“Permaculture is a regenerative design science rooted in the patterns of nature, with practical applications that extend far beyond organic farming into every area of our lives. As a holistic design science, regenerative design is a powerful paradigm of sustainability for governments, businesses, cities, communities and relationships. It is ultimately about maximizing the quality of life and health for everyone through smart design focused on maximizing sustainable yields.”

My interest in permaculture is rooted, 😉 in the fact that I think it’s an incredibly viable option for healing this planet and living in a sustainable and abundant way.  I decided I wanted to learn as much as I could about permaculture so I could apply it in an effective way, and help others to do the same, should they be interested.

Up until now, I’ve just been watching the course lecture videos online; which they always offer for free here.

The tuition for the Permaculture Certification course is a little pricey for me in one lump sum (hundreds of dollars).   I emailed RLI asking if they had other options available, like payment plans.  I was delighted to find out they are now offering a deal on the course which will allow you to make six monthly payments of $82.50.   That is much more manageable for me.

The whole course itself is now only $495.  Not only are they offering flexible payment plans, they have also dropped the price considerably (Total savings of $500)  I really like these guys, they are going out of their way to make this information available for free to everyone via their video lectures.  Plus, they are always offering some kind of deal or discount to make it easy for people to get certified.

This particular deal is only going to last for the next 7 days however, I’ve noticed it’s pretty common for them to extend promotions if they get a lot of feedback.  Contact them and they will definitely try to help you out.  It’s always good to ask!


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